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“Accepting things, both good and bad, is a part of life. So is helping others.” – Dr. Alan Mandell, South Florida Chiropractor.

My greatest passion in life is helping special needs children, giving them love and education. This particular mission was to help 39 deaf children in Southeast Asia. The families and teachers of these children assumed that there was no chance that they could be helped in any way.

My prayers and wishes all came true, but MOST IMPORTANT were the children’s wishes and dreams. All of these children have been taught to use sign language because their sense of hearing has been lost to their external world since birth.


This mission is by far the Greatest Miracle that I have ever experienced! With this new type of hearing aid technology that I researched and brought to them, I was able to see this Miracle unfold as I watched all of the “39” children hear for the first time in their lives. No words can explain the look on their faces, the expressions, the joy, and the happiness that everyone experienced.

To have their sense of “Hearing” back is indeed a Miracle. Deep within my heart, these children can now take on a new meaning of Life. Please don’t ever forget the Power of Prayer.
– Dr. Mandell